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This Book writt…

October 7, 2012

This Book written by 80 year old Euilleam Ross will appeal to many thousands worldwide, who may wish to experience the excitement and live their dream even through the written word, what life was like as a successful Highland Poacher.

The author Euilleam Ross, now in his 80th year has recorded and written some of his personal experiences from past years with the help of his colourful and humoristic friends and companions, such as “Jock the Lad” (Jock Fraser) and others who were heavily involved in Highland Poaching at the time.

This book “Ring Around the Moon” provides an insight into Highland Poaching life, but also to the Highland way of life, some 70 years ago.

Euilleam the Author regards himself as one of the last surviving licensed Highland “Punt Gunners” who used a Black powder muzzle-loading gun in the pursuit of wildfowl. This unique experience he shares within the book with his readers.

Compared to the modern day Hunters and Fishers, for those who could find the contents unbelievable,
This I can fully understand, but facts speak for themselves.
Let me assure you that every story in the book “Ring Around the Moon” is 100% fact and Truthful.

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